Our skin-refreshing facial treatments combine eco-friendly Aveda products and massage techniques expertly tailored to your skin’s unique needs. Ancient Indian Ayurvedic philosophy guides our approach to skin care. It indicates that each one of us is made up of a one-of-a-kind combination of the elements of air, fire, earth, water and infinity. These elements are constantly fluctuating in and out of balance. When your elements are out of balance, signs such as blemishes, rashes and dryness reveal themselves in your skin.

All prices listed below are starting prices.


Tulāsara™ Facial (30 min)$50+
Tulāsara™ Facial (60 min)$80+
Tulāsara™ Facial (90 min)$110+
3 60-min Tulāsara™ Facials Package$200+
Perfecting Plant Peel℠ Treatment Add-on$30+
Botanical Skin Resurfacing Treatment Add-on$30+
Botanical Therapy Instant Luminizer Add-on$30+
Botanical Therapy Intense Hydrator Add-on$30+
Botanical Therapy Pore Refiner Add-on$30+
Dual Exfoliation Add-on$30+
High Frequency Treatment Add-On$25+